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America Won’t Shut Up About Needing Coffee!

Across the country, there is one word and one drink on everyone’s lips, and that drink is Needing Coffee!

On the Show:

  • We’ll talk to workplace humorist and author of the book “Oh Brother, Me Need Coffee,” Dilbert Swooptie. (Dru Johnston)
  • Then later, we’ll chat with a person who would literally die without their coffee, Richard B. Clicky. (Noah Forman)
  • We’ll be paid another visit from our good friend and the tech columnist at Parade Magazine, Gadget Guru Dermitt Countertopp.

All that and more, plus music from the Foo Fighters.

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    This came out earlier this week and I highly encourage you to listen. This was super fun to do.
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    I may be dead without my coffee but I’d be dead INSIDE without NOAH FORMAN and DRU JOHNSTON in my life!
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    America Won’t Shut Up is super funny and it was a ton of fun to do. Give this bad boy a MOTHERFUCKING LISTEN.
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    Noah and Dru are so good in this. It boggles my mind that it took us this long to have them on.
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    If you don’t listen to this show, you have no taste and you are stupid. You know who doesn’t listen to this show? Fred...
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