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America Won’t Shut Up About The Films of Kristy Swanson!

Everyone can agree that this week, it just feels right to bust out the DVDs, scan through your Netflix queues, and flip through those basic cable lineups to watch and enjoy the films of the great film actress, Kristy Swanson.


  • We talk to the host of the syndicated movie column, “Hot Buttered Tom Corn,” Tom Corn (Dan Chamberlain).
  • We chat with a mother of two, Tricia Earwood (Bridey Elliot), who, believe it or not, isn’t entirely sure who Kristy Swanson is.
  • Pat and Jason talk “Vampire Slaying,” we “Chase” down this week’s hot twitter trends, plus a little “Higher Learning,” as our producer Taylor Moore files another terrific field piece.

All that and more, plus music from the Foo Fighters! This week, on America Won’t Shut Up!


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