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America Won’t Shut Up About Windows!

At homes, in houses, near offices and other places, everyone in America is opening them up, sticking their head out and taking a look at this hot new trend, where if you can’t seem through it, it’s a just a wall.


  • We talk to a Windows Expert from Vision & Pain, Isadora Vindolph. (Cathryn Mudon)
  • We chat with Blake Levine (Connor Ratliff), a former salesman for Kapital Kurtain, who believes, this trend is destroying our great nation.
  • Our good friend, Hank Schlitz, aka The BeFuddler, stops by, we dive into the scary teenage craze of “paning,” and, as always, we take a look through the glass at this week’s hot twitter trends.

All that and more, plus music from the Foo Fighters! This week, on America Won’t Shut Up!


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