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America Won’t Shut Up About Saving Seats with Your Jacket!

Do you frequently find your self someplace hours before your friends? Of course you do. And chances are you’re already taking part in this great trend, where people are just plopping down their jacket and saving seats for friends who aren’t there yet.


  • We talk to controversial athlete, and world-record holder for most seats saved with one jacket, Dorian Williams (Shaun Diston).
  • We sit down with advocate for seat-saving restrictions, and founder of SASS: Sitizens Against Saving Seats, Josh Pigg (James Dwyer).
  • Gadget Guru Dermitt Countertop stops by with a satchel full of seat saving toys he found during his weekly travels.

All that and more, plus music from the Foo Fighters! This week, on America Won’t Shut Up!


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    Shaun Diston might be the “podcast guest” king? He’s so fucking hilarious in this. And of course Jason, Pat and Taylor...
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    On next week’s episode: America Won’t Shut Up About Horsing!
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